Aisha Wanjiku: 5 Things to Know About Swahili Entertainment Presenter

June 10, 2019

Aisha Wanjiku is a media personality who doubles up as a digital influencer, MC and voice-over artist. She hosts ‘Gani Kali’ and ‘Jikoni’ on Maisha Magic East Africa.

In 2018, Aisha was declared Female Host of the Year at the Kenya Coast Music Awards.

She talked to myNetwork:

1. Congratulations on your most recent award. What gives you such a passion for emceeing and presenting?

Apart from my passion for music and the entertainment scene, I feel a responsibility to highlight new talent, something that drives me to go out there and find these artists and put them on. They are grateful, and that gives me so much joy.

2. What do you enjoy most about your line of work?

In Gani Kali, I love interacting with new artists, getting to know and to learn their music. We have really talented artists in Kenya with such dope music. Introduce me to new music and we can be chilling out every day.

On Jikoni, I get to meet people from different walks of life, learn about their different professions and why they are the best in their fields. It encourages me to keep going and work harder in my craft.

3. Did you think that this would be your chosen career given your fluidity and expertise in Kiswahili and your love for entertainment?

The only time I shut up is when eating or sleeping. I love attention, and find it interesting how easily I slip into different roles once the cameras come on. It is almost like playing different movie characters. Those are life’s little pleasures for me – I get to be whichever version of me I decide to pick.

4. What is the one thing that young people should learn particularly if they want to go into a field like yours?

Confidence, being outspoken, standing for what they firmly believe in to avoid being easily swayed. They also need to brand themselves.

Some people tend to think that someone who speaks Swahili fluently is not educated, especially when you live in Nairobi where everyone is under pressure to speak in English. I chose to brand myself as a Swahili Entertainment TV presenter and made it sound very good while at it. My audience appreciates it because the feedback is very positive.

5. What do you do when you’re not on TV doing your thing?

I am a full-time mother, no off days and no paid for vacations though it is a fulfilling role to play. I am a mother before anything else.

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