“We’re not Glorified Prostitutes.” Video Vixen Speaks

May 27, 2019

Charity Moraa is a Nairobi-based model who doubles up as a video vixen. She is best known for her work in Arrow Bwoy’s hit song ‘Digi Digi’.

The makeup artist who is also a model for Corazon Clothing spoke to NaiNotepad about dealing with sexual advances in her line of work and why a diva attitude is extremely important.

There is a belief that video vixens are glorified prostitutes…

Well, that is a misconception that unfortunately is based on rumours. I am not that kind of girl. Video vixens are just misunderstood.

What makes you stand out from the rest?

Passion. I believe that when you love something, you do it so well. This will draw more people to you and your skill will be on another level.

Some girls believe that for you to qualify to be a video vixen you must have a big bum. How true is this?

That is not true. Standing out as a vixen needs more than that. It takes time, courage, experience and above all, self-drive towards achieving your goals.

What about a diva attitude?

Most definitely! Personally, I have to carry myself like a goddess to be treated as such, and get what I want. Simple!

What is your most awkward moment as a vixen, either during an audition or a shoot?

There was this day I was going on set and my stylist was late. She had all my clothes and makeup. I was forced to improvise. It was one of the most annoying and frustrating moments.

There is a belief out here that the industry is littered with hot-blooded men. How do you deal with unsolicited sexual advances in line of duty?

I am a girl who stands her ground, so if I say it is professional, that’s it. And if anyone won’t respect that I am professional, then I have to cancel the deal.

Some of your dances, especially in the Arrow Bwoy video Digi Digi, would easily pass for adult material?

There is nothing wrong with the dance moves, just the usual, harmless twerking.

How was it working with Arrow Bwoy?

It was one of the best experience that opened doors for me. I am glad the video was a hit and fans appreciated it.

Apart from Arrow Bwoy, which other household name have you worked with?

Majix Enga and Naiboi.

You are also a model and a makeup artist. Does this line of work make you enough money to survive on?

Sort of. Being a model or makeup artist is like gambling, because it’s not every day that you get clients. Sometimes you have clients, but they refuse to pay.

Age is no doubt a priced asset in this industry? What do you hope to be doing when you turn 40?

Start my own modelling agency. I’d love to have my own agency to nurture many the talents of upcoming models.

Are you seeing someone?

I’d rather not say that.

Who is your ideal man?

That’s for me to know, and you to find out. But anyway, everyone needs a good man.

What advice would you give young women who want to venture into modelling?

Be smart and keep an eye on your goals. It is not easy, you have to stay focused on making money and not just having clout. Whatever you do, give it your all.

Away from the cameras, who is Charity?

Charity is outgoing, loves to experience nature, but mostly, loves to chill at home after a long night working.

How does your family react to the social buzz and do they support your public life?

My family is my number one supporter. My hustle is not new to them, and they have really supported me.

Which artiste would you love to work with?

I’d love to work with Khaligraph Jones because I love his songs and I am his number one fan.

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