Radio presenter and singer Tanasha Donna has come out to dismiss claims that her romance with Diamond has hit a rocky patch.

Speculation has been rife among netizens who have been reading too much into Tanasha’s social media activity. One fan, in particular, pointed out that the lovebirds are no longer seen together as they used to.

Another Instagram user wondered if Tanasha’s motivational quotes had anything to do with Diamond.

“The way you sound these days hope you and diamond are ok?Because your motivational quotes tho????” the fan observed.

But Tanasha was quick to respond assuring the fan that everything is fine. She noted that her quotes are just that; quotes.

“We’re more than okay. Our love grows more and more each day ❤️❤️, the motivational quotes are just a little self-reminder for myself and others every now and then. ??”  said the ‘Radio’ hitmaker.