Size 8 Explains Break From TV and Radio

May 30, 2019

Gospel musician Size 8 Reborn has taken a telling break from TV and Radio, with fans speculating she is pregnant.

Size 8 has been co-hosting Pambio Live with DJ Ruff Kenya every Sunday from noon to 2 pm on Maisha Magic East since 2017. Her abrupt exit from her radio show had fans believing Size 8 is taking extra caution with her supposed pregnancy following last year’s miscarriage.

Explaining her break, Size 8 was coy with details only saying, “due to health-related issues”.

“The only contract I’m on is Softcare because it does not require a lot of my time,” she told Word Is.

On December 22 last year, Size 8 announced her loss as she used her miscarriage experience to encourage other women who may have lost their pregnancy.

“God is the giver of life and God is perfect, no man is. He alone knows what is best for us. Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it cause it was a battle all the way so I just wanted to go with the fight privately,” wrote Size 8.

“But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi…….. To be honest I ve cried I’ve asked God so many questions I have given my husband stress He is trying to make me be okay, I was so angry.”

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