PHOTOS: Beauty Queen Rachel Marete Bares All after Weight Gain and Loss

May 23, 2019

Rachel Marete did the unimaginable after opening up to the public about her battle with stress and weight gain over the last six months.

Taking to her Instagram account on Wednesday, Ms Marete made shocking revelations about her 36kg weight gain and 20kg weight loss. Remarkably, all this happened in under a year.

The former beauty queen explained to her 128,000 followers that her struggle is why she took a social media hiatus. Apparently, a major life event in July last year knocked the wind out of her leading to a massive weight gain of 36kgs between September 2018 and April 2019.

While she did not disclose what exactly happened, Marete said she was burned out and she started having trouble sleeping.

From September to March I would stay awake all night till 9 in the morning every single day. As a result of the imbalance from stress, my cortisone levels shot up leading the massive weight gain in just 6 months,” narrated the Los Angeles-based TV personality.

“Come January I was so stressed out that I ended up shutting myself indoors and barely left my house. That’s when I quit social media too. I didn’t want to unravel in front of the world. My sleep schedule was a mess. I was exhausted. Doing the simplest things felt like a massive chore and I just had zero energy.”

In March, she decided to take the bull by the horns; she went on a health and fitness getaway to Thailand. In the preceding two months, Rachel Mbuki has lost a remarkable 20 kgs and is motivated to shed another 20.

She also shared the following pictures showing her progress from September 2018 to May 2019.

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