Governors Now Want ‘Dignified Arrests’ Following Waititu’s ‘Inhuman’ Arrest

May 28, 2019

Kenyan leaders will surely show us things. Following Waititu’s arrest, or rather, leisurely stroll to EACC headquarters last Thursday, governors are now demanding to be treated with dignity during arrests.

Apparently, the manner in which Waititu was escorted to Integrity Center last week was inhuman. The County bosses, through their umbrella body Council of Governors (CoG), argue that whereas they do not tolerate graft, they deserve the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

CoG Chairman Mr Wycliffe Oparanya says they must be treated with decorum by the crime busters by virtue of the authority of their offices.

“We don’t condone corruption and we are ready to fight it…but the way Waititu was arrested, being frog matched – was so inhuman especially someone of his stature,” Mr Oparanya told Nation.

Additionally, the Kakamega Governor questioned why EACC detectives involve the media while making arrests.

“Why can’t they have decency? Just summon the Governor, tell him you wish to go to his house for a search instead of all these dramas in front of the media.

“Why do they want to do their work in front of the media? That is embarrassment targeted on the county chiefs. There must be dignity because human right is guaranteed in the Constitution,” stated Oparanya.

The County Chief further took issue with EACC detectives treating Governor Waititu as a criminal before he is found guilty.

“You frog match a governor in front of his constituents and family? it is not fair. You are treating a whole governor as a criminal yet he has not been proved guilty. You are proving him guilty even before he is charged. I find that so bad and they should treat us with some dignity.”

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