Full List of VIPs Entitled to Right of Way on Kenyan Roads

May 30, 2019

Inspector General of Police has finally clarified on the grey area regarding dignitaries who are entitled to clearance on Kenyan roads.

In a statement on Wednesday night, IG Hillary Mutyambai released a 5-Category list that surprisingly locked out VIPs such as governors, chief justice, and senators.

Category one includes the usual suspects: President, Deputy President, First Lady, Cabinet secretaries for Interior, Defence and Foreign Affairs and Principal Secretary for Interior. Ambulances and fire brigade fall in the 5th category.

The Inspector General, who is included in the list, noted the need to streamline traffic flow in major cities.

“All other vehicles including government vehicles are expected to follow the normal traffic flow. Any Government vehicles found violating traffic regulations especially those overlapping the drivers shall be arrested and charged in accordance with the law,” he said.

Here’s the full list of VIPs:


  • The President
  • The Deputy President
  • The First Lady
  • Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretaries
  • Interior Principal Secretary


  • The Chief of Defence Forces
  • The Service Commanders of Defence Forces
  • The Inspector-General of the National Police Service
  • The Deputy Inspector-General of the Kenya Police Service
  • The Deputy Inspector-General of the Administration Police Service


  • The National Assembly Speaker
  • The Senate Speaker


  • Retired Presidents
  • Retired Prime Minister


  • Ambulances
  • Fire Brigade

Update: The Inspector General has updated the list to also include:

The Chief Justice
Attorney General
Senate Majority Leader
Finance Cabinet Secretary
Principal Secretaries Defense, Finance and Foreign Affairs

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