Akothee Breathes Fire on Troll Who Told Son Prince Ojwang “Your Mother is a Prostitute”

May 23, 2019

Akothee was like Khaleesi on her dragon Drogon after a troll on social media referred to her as a prostitute.

The musician took to her popular Instagram page to blast one Evans Moseti, who had the audacity to insult Akothee though her son Prince Ojwang. In a post seen by this blog, the social media bully left an offensive comment in a sweet video where Ojwang wished Akothee a happy mother’s day.

The comment reads, “Your mother is a prostitute. She has conned several men for your upkeep, and lastly you and all your siblings comes from different men. Are we together”[sic]

Naturally, Akothee was not going to take the comment lying down. In a post she has since pulled down, Akothee said she was in class but would address the nation shortly.

“Someone in his 50s addressing my 10-year son for wishing me a happy mothers day. This one is fried chicken. Let come back I’m still in class, I will address the nation shortly.”

True to her words, Akothee returned breathing fire after digging up pictures of Evans Moseti and his family. In a since-deleted post, Akothee called the troll a product of premature ejaculation and other unprintable insults.

Luckily, we managed to get screenshots before the post was deleted. Check it out.


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