6 Ways Tharaka Nithi Residents Can Use Their Tiny Toilet [PHOTOS]

May 23, 2019

Kenya hatuhami! This is a popular phrase used by Kenyans on social media to react to funny things happening in the country.

While there’s nothing much to be glad about with regard to governance in Kenya, the Kenyan sense of humor is the one thing that makes politics tolerable. Kenya Hatuhami has once again come into play following the launch of that infamous tiny toilet in Tharaka Nithi.

Last week, pictures emerged of the incredibly narrow public toilet that was likened to a matchbox. In fact, some Kenyans observed that the toilet is smaller than the fuel guzzler Tharaka Nithi governor Muthomi Njuki drives.

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Naturally, Kenyans in their characteristic selves have reacted to the shoddy job by the county with humor. They have come up with 6 illustrations of how the toilet can be used.

And it looks like the good people of Tharaka Nithi will need to invest in gymnastics and acrobatics training to use their tiny toilet.

Check out this madness. No 3 will shock you while number 6 is my favorite.

  1. The crouching wall hugger

2. I’m just gonna lie here on the edge and shoot my load. Iko nini?

3. The Shaolin Master

4. The one-legged pooping ice skater/ Footgrabber

5. The 180 Split and drop

6. The Winner

Which one would you use and why?

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