Tharaka Nithi Governor Builds Incredibly Tiny Toilet – PHOTOS

May 16, 2019

The comedic talent hidden in the counties is immense. Every other week, we see a county government project that leaves more questions than answers.

Whether the governor is launching cows, or a water tank, or an electricity pole, the jokes keep on flowing.

This past week, Governor Laboso of Bomet has been getting a lot of stick for constructing a ‘state of the art’ bridge, which has already been marked for demolition by the National Construction Authority.

A figure of Sh10 million has been thrown around as the cost, but we can’t verify that. It’s likely an exaggeration by someone seeking retweets… and it has worked.

The next project to catch my eye is one by the county government of Tharaka Nithi. An incredibly narrow public toilet. Sure it’s a welcome addition to area residents, but it looks completely out of place. It has been referred to as being the size of a matchbox, much smaller than the fuel guzzler the governor drives.

For the sake of the good people of Tharaka Nithi, I hope this is not another multi-million shilling project.

To be clear, we’ve not found evidence that the governor personally launched the toilet.

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