Safaricom Releases Statement on CEO Bob Collymore

April 30, 2019

Bob Collymore resignationFollowing yesterday’s reports of the impending resignation of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, the mobile telco has released a statement.

The news, first reported by Reuters, revealed that the CEO will step down this August at the end of his contract. The decision has been guided by health reasons. Collymore is battling cancer, and had taken a 9-month leave in 2018.

The report further stated that there has been a delay in making the news public, following disagreements on who should succeed Collymore.

The Kenyan government is said to be insisting on a Kenyan taking the seat, but the board had apparently settled on a foreigner seconded by majority shareholder Vodafone.

Safaricom has today released a statement stating that the board is yet to make a decision. Chairman Nicholas Nganga goes on to praise the board’s ‘robust recruitment process’ when it comes to appointing the senior leadership team.

He further points out that the current CEO has shown great recovery, and continues to be firmly in charge.

Here’s the statement.

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