PHOTOS: Fena Gitu Stepped Out in a Bikini and Everybody was Happy

April 2, 2019

We assure you it’s not an April Fool’s prank. Fena Gitu has unleashed her feminine side and it is banging. Khaii mathwiti!!

Just when we were having a case of Monday blues on April Fool’s day yesterday, Fena Gitu was there to liven it up with smashing snaps from her latest shoot.

The ‘Steam’ hitmaker, who is known for her sleek tomboyish style and sense of fashion, had everybody’s steam rising with the snaps that show her in a bikini. Khaii mathwiti Maingi!!

Fena Gitu posted the snaps -taken by commercial photographer Mwaniki Daudi- as she announced the renewal of her deal as one of the faces of Kenyan-owned haircare line Marini Naturals.

“A good head on my shoulder so Marini Naturals signed me… Again!” For the second year running, it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of this beautiful family. It has been amazing watching the team grow and build together. I cannot wait for all the fun, sexy, dapper projects lined up for 2019, we are literally taking over African Haircare ? Thank you Team Marini for choosing me again to represent your brand. QUEENING!! ??,” Fena captioned one of the pics.

While Marini Naturals, founded by two friends Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel, were full of praise for Fena on their IG page.

“Her talent is indisputable, her charm is undeniable. You’d think with all the fame and accolades she’s got her head up in the clouds, but she’s arguably the most humble artiste you’ll ever meet! We love her for her warm, sweet and calm persona and her unshakable love for Marini naturals. Her healthy, jet-black dreadlocks have become part of her signature look and Marini naturals is here to make sure she’s forever looking prim and proper!”

The photos had social media users losing their sh** as they finally laid their eyes on a rare and delightful side of Fena.

Media personality Edith Kimani was one of those who went bonkers as she commented: “HOLLY FUCK!!!!! What in the sexiness is all this drip?! @fenamenal kuanga fair saa zingine. It’s Monday and some of us are trying to stay focused ??‍♀️@michelle.ntalami and @marini.naturals can we make this a billboard? #kuulizatu.”

Radio personality and former BBA contestant Sheila Kwamboka simply pleaded: “Forgive us?”

One-half of Marindi founders, Niya Patel added: “Whoooo dis? ??? Welcome back to Marini darling. It can never be the same without you ?”

Michelle Ntalami added: “We didn’t just sign you for your head, good everything around your shoulders..dzaamn! ??? Twice because once could never be enough, welcome Queen! ?????”

TZ songbird Mimi Mars was seemingly lost for words, as she exclaimed: “Fenaaaaaaaaaaa Sissss??”

Other comments from fans included one who wrote: “We are your madafu??? prissss drink us?????? Tshaaaiiiiiiiii!!!!! Heeee we are sorry ??.”

Another wrote: “I would never have guessed you hide all this sexy underneath them clothes. You’re beautiful.”

A third IG user commented: “Eiiii Shawwwwryyy!! Sew us, we are your sisal! ?”

Enough pang’ang’a, time for some eye candy, i.e mathwiti.

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