I Almost Drunk My Own Urine and Ate My Friend – Emmanuel Jal

April 30, 2019

Former child soldier turned rapper/actor Emmanuel Jal has overcome a fair share of personal struggles to become an acclaimed recording artiste and peace ambassador now living in Canada.

The South Sudanese born artiste says one of his lowest moments in life was when a lack of food nearly drove him to eat his friend’s dead body.

“One of the lowest points in my life was when I was tempted to drink my own urine because I didn’t have water and tempted to eat my own comrade,” said Jal.

“So my friend died and I looked at him and I told him, I will eat you tomorrow. Every day, there are challenges. The same way I used to overcome them, is what I have perfected now,” Jal was quoted by Word Is.

“When problems come my way, I welcome them with gratitude. You’ll know yourself when you are faced with an enormous challenge.” He added.

Jal also spoke about the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya being closed saying; “The news could be devastating, but every time one door closes, more opportunities come your way. There must be a reason why they want to close, and if it creates a better way, well okay. But there must be a better solution.”

His sister Nyaruach grew up at the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya. They have since collaborated on Jal’s sixth album, ‘Naath’.

“Naath means spiritual being. There is one tribe in South Sudan with the same name. The reason why I chose my sister to be in it is that she is able to engage her mind to something that gives her value,” he said.

“The first song that gave me international attention was one that I collaborated with her. He voice is also very authentic, and that’s was I was looking for.”

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