Fundi Frank Run Over by Alleged Drunk Driver, Can’t Walk Well

April 26, 2019

Entertainment and showbiz guru Fundi Frank had an Easter holiday to forget after he was run over by a car.

The celebrity fashion designer is nursing injuries after the freak accident on Sunday. According to Fundi Frank, the driver of the vehicle was drunk when he ran over him at a parking lot.

Taking to social media to break the news, Fundi Frank posted a photo of his swollen ankle. He said he is having difficulties walking but so far so good.

“It’s been one of those crazy holidays. I still have a swollen ankle and I still can’t walk well.

“I was run over on Sunday by an SUV with a very very drunk driver behind the wheels at a certain parking lot. Still following up on the drunk driver’s issue and my wellbeing. So far so good. God is good,” he wrote.

Fundi Frank’s fans and celebrities alike wished him a quick recovery.

Gospel singer Ringtone wrote, “Pole bro”

Rapper Calvo Mistari added, “Izza Bro ?? stay strong Fundi ??”

While actress Jacky Vike and singer Gin Ideal wrote, “Oh No, pole sana Frank” and “Pole Fundi, quick recovery”, respectively.

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