DP Ruto Must Respect Luos, Babu Owino Demands [VIDEO]

April 24, 2019

Deputy President William Ruto should not forget that Raila Odinga was his boss once, Babu Owino has said.

The member of parliament for Embakasi East constituency was responding to Ruto’s remarks perceived to have profiled the Luo community.

Speaking at parliament buildings on Tuesday, April 23, Babu Owino reprimanded the DP for making divisive sentiments along tribal lines. He asked the DP to respect the Luo community because he was once respected by the community when he was in ODM.

“Ruto should respect the Luo community, he should remember that at one time he was a junior member of ODM and his boss was Raila Odinga who is a Luo, he was respected and supported by the community,” said Babu.

The firebrand politician further noted that there was no bad blood between Luo and the Kalenjin communities.

“As Luos we love Kalenjins and we only differ in ideologies but that does not mean we cannot respect each other…deputy president you must grow up, if you have run out of ideas come back to the school of thought of Raila Odinga,” said the former university student leader.

According to Babu, Luo is the language of the gods and, therefore, must be respected.

The first-time legislator also called on other leaders and Kenyans to respect each other.

“If the deputy President himself is setting an example of disrespecting some of the major tribes in this country, what about the minority ones, what will he do to them? will he be stepping over them?” posed Babu Owino.

Ruto has come under sharp criticism from members allied to ODM after he claimed there was a certain community in the country that was known for the destruction of property and causing divisions.

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