Why Zari Hassan Loves Akothee’s Boobs

March 28, 2019

South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan loves Akothee’s breasts.

The two power-women are known to have a cordial relationship on social media, especially Instagram. Every now and then Zari will leave a flattering comment on Akothee’s page, much to the amusement of their fans.

She once described Akothee as “the craziest woman I know on this planet”.

Zari’s latest comment on Akothee’s page is as flattering as they get after the mother of five complimented the other mother of five on her breasts.

Zari was commenting on a picture that shows Akothee on a plane following her remarkable and noble mission in Turkana.

According to Zari, she loves Akothee’s ‘girls’ because they are firm.

Here’s the screengrab

Akothee’s firm boobs have in the past been the subject of discussion on social media forums like Kilimani Mums. She is believed to have undergone a boob job.

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