I’m a Pensioner Receiving Sh125,000 per Month, Jakoyo Midiwo Pleads Over Sh1.2m Election Debt

March 28, 2019

Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo says he is broke and unable to settle a Sh 1.7 million election petition cost in full.

Mr Midiwo was slapped with Sh1,716, 820 fine after losing an election petition against his successor Elisha Odhiambo. He has managed to pay Sh 500, 000 only.

The vocal politician is pleading with the courts to allow him to settle the remaining amount in Sh 50, 000 installments.

Midiwo applied for release of the cash(Sh500,000) he had deposited as security while filing the case against Odhiambo and the IEBC.

“The Sh500,000 security fees were released to the respondent and the sum of Sh1, 216,820 is now due from the petitioner,” reads the court papers.

The politician was required to settle the costs in 30 days from February 13, 2019, when Odhiambo filed his bill of costs. Midiwo then moved to a Kisumu court on March 14 seeking orders allowing him to pay the remaining Sh 1, 216, 820 in installments.

The hearing of Midiwo’s petition was certified urgent and it started on Tuesday.

“The applicant [Midiwo] is unable to pay the taxed sum at once and yet the 30 days stay of execution is to lapse on March 13, 2019,” Midiwo says in his application.

He wants the court to allow him to clear the debt in installments of Sh50,000 every month.

“I’m a pensioner receiving Sh 125, 000 monthly before tax and my family depends on the same pension for upkeep as it is our main source of livelihood,” Midiwo states in a supporting affidavit.

He adds, “I make this affidavit in support for leave to liquidate the costs by monthly installments.”

Mr Midiwo first lost to Elisha Odhiambo in the ODM primaries forcing him to contest for the seat as an independent candidate.

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