Eric Omondi Denies Knowing Businesswoman Accusing Him of Refusing to Pay

March 8, 2019

Eric Omondi does not know the businesswoman who recently took to Facebook to accuse him of refusing to settle payments in a car hire deal gone wrong.

The woman, identified as Wambui Wambui on Facebook, is a car hire agent who took to the popular Buyer Beware page to seek help having run out of options to recover her money from the comedian.

According to Wambui Wambui, Eric Omondi hired the car on January 16 for a period of three days. She claimed that the comedian ditched the car at Moi international airport and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car.

The car was subsequently towed by police, accruing various fines amounting to Sh15,000.

Responding to the allegations, Omondi insisted that he doesn’t know the woman and will report her to the police for tarnishing her name.

“Hata sijui huyo mama ni nani. Nitampelekea polisi. Amenipatia free publicity. Everytime watu wanataja eric omondi, mimi hufurahi. Amenipatia free publicity.” said Omondi. 

The comedian further added that he wasn’t even in Mombasa during that time as the woman suggested. However, a quick look at Omondi’s Instagram shows he was actually in Mombasa on January 19th.

Who’s fooling who?

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