Watch: Khaligraph Jones Unleashes his Goons, Guns on Cheating Girlfriend

February 15, 2019

As others celebrated Valentine’s Day by spreading love, Khaligraph J0nes had other ideas as he dropped controversial visuals of his bitter break up single ‘Beat It’.

‘Beat It’ is off the rapper’s album “Testimony 1990” as he continues to drop videos for the 17 tracks contained in the project.

In ‘Beat It’, Khaligraph Jones, just like he did in the ‘Ngori’ video, banks on his gangsta persona as he takes fatal revenge on a cheating girlfriend after catching her in the act.

The timing of the song’s release is also quite telling as it comes days after Khaligraph’s ex – MS Cashy – made some damning allegations against the Ngori rapper.

In the comments section of the ‘Beat It’ video, Khali writes: “When Predators Lie and Play Victim for Sympathy Votes, OGs don’t retaliate, We annihilate.”

The song was engineered at Blu Ink studios by producer Aress 66 and Khaligraph jones and the instrumental was created by Raj.

Khaligraph Jones is behind the video concept and direction, which explains why he went extra with the portrayal of gun violence.

Watch below. Rating 5/10.

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