Crazy Kenyans: Someone Marked Ringtone’s Fake Letter Banning His Cows in Karen

February 27, 2019

Gospel singer Ringtone has once again managed to get people talking after his latest publicity stunt, which I must admit is as cheap as it is humorous.

The controversial singer, known to be a serial clout chaser, was trending on social media for the better part of Tuesday when he supposedly put up a fight in defence of his “40 cows” that are allegedly unwelcome in the posh Karen estate of Nairobi.

To support his claims, Ringtone shared a purported letter from the Karen Resident’s Association warning him against rearing his cows in Karen.

“The letter is true and it was delivered to my gate this morning,” Ringtone said in a phone call.

“I got those cows when I was wooing Zari, but when she refused to take up my offer, I decided to keep them. Now they have multiplied and are also a source of milk which I am able to sell.”

While Ringtone did manage to fool a large number of people, including some blogs, another section of discerning netizens saw through the singer’s lies.

The purported letter also made things worse for Ringtone’s story as it contained numerous grammatical errors.

In fact, a certain Twitter user had the time to ‘mark’ the letter, pointing out the blatant errors.

“Let’s Mark Ringtone Apoko’s letter. It’s either Ringtone Wrote this letter or indeed Karen has so many Waititis. ?,” wrote @ItsBravin. 

Some more reactions from KOT:

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