Diamond Platnumz’s Father Could Have Both Feet Amputated

February 21, 2019

Diamond Platnumz’ father Abdul Juma could lose his feet as his condition continues to deteriorate with each passing day.

Tanzanian publication Ijumaa Wikienda, who paid him a visit at his home in Magomeni-Kagera, Dar es Salaam, said Juma is suffering from skin cancer and if not treated, could have both feet amputated.

A doctor who saw photos of the Jumaa’s feet said there’s a 50/50 chance of recovery but only if he sought medical aid soon.

“Aside from cancer, Diamond’s dad should also be treated for various infections which could lead to him losing both feet,” said Dr Godfrey Charles.

Juma said his feet have been a source of pain for a long time but he’s been unable to seek medical assistance due to lack of funds.

“Kwa kweli miguu hii imenisumbua kwa muda mrefu sana. Nimehangaika katika hospitali nyingi tu lakini kwa kweli nimeshindwa kujitibia kutokana na gharama kuwa kubwa, he said.

Asked if he had sought assistance from Diamond, Juma said: “Siwezi kumzungumzia sana lakini kikubwa mimi kwa sasa namshukuru Mungu kanikutanisha na dada kutoka Uingereza anaitwa Zubeda Humphries ambaye amekuja na kuahidi kunisaidia ili niweze kutibiwa.”

Zubeida, who was forced to fly from the UK because of Juma’s condition, pleaded with Diamond to help their ailing father.

“Sometimes I communicate with him at night and he is crying because of the pain from the legs. If you want to meet me I’ll be happy. I want you to see the extent of your dad’s illness we talk then you will understand why I flew in from London,” she said.

“I am asking you if possible, you can see each other, sit down and talk. see if the problem between you and your daddy can be sorted especially because your daddy is very ill,” added Humphries.

Diamond is yet to respond to his sister’s pleas.

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