3 Reasons Why Diana Marua Remains Bahati’s “TEN over TEN”

February 21, 2019

Bahati has done what any sane man would do for their underfire wife by reassuring Diana Marua that she is special.

The mother of one has in recent weeks been harshly criticised and even subjected to overwhelming social media hate for her perceived role in the fall out between Bahati and Mr Seed.

It clearly has not been an easy few weeks for Diana Marua who continues to hold her head high amidst a negative backlash that would send some of us into a full-blown meltdown.

And it seems Bahati has been playing his role in ensuring that Diana Marua doesn’t drown in people’s negativity.

On Wednesday, he penned a heartwarming letter to Diana Marua reminding her why he treasures her.

Bahati listed three reasons why Diana Marua is his “ten over ten”. He wrote:

“Look at your beauty ? Created in God’s image ❤️ But 3 Reasons why you remain to be my TEN over TEN..
1.Thank you for giving me such a Beautiful Daughter. 
2. Thank you for Learning to Listen & Obey God’s Voice even when it Seems Difficult to do So; this is the Back Borne of our Success. 
3. Lastly; I know I have Never Told you this but YOU’RE SPECIAL TO ME. This is Because you even Chose to Embrace and take Care of my Firstborn Adopted Son #MORGAN – Loved & taken care of him as your Own. Fact is not every Woman outside here Can. Not to mention how every Morning you wake up by 4 am to make sure this Angel Smiles as he goes to School. You Know What; that’s Why Wewe Sio Msanii/ hauna Wimbo ? but God is Still Lifting your Brand_making you sign deals and Endorsements. Continue being Silent and Let God Pay you because Only Him Alone can give you His true Blessings. As I said Let’s Make Babies and Billions Together. LOVE FROM THE HEART. Yours Truly.
Hubby ❤️ “



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