Defiant Moses Kuria Fires Back at Uhuru after ‘Washenzi’ Comment

January 8, 2019

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has hit back at Uhuru Kenyatta, maintaining that the Head of State has neglected the Mount Kenya region in the government’s development agenda.

The controversial legislator took to social media shortly after President Kenyatta told off those complaining about development in Central Kenya.

Speaking during the commissioning of Mama Ngina waterfront regeneration project in Mombasa county on Monday, Uhuru described the leaders accusing him of sidelining the Central Kenya region as ‘washenzi'(fools). He noted that he is focused on ensuring that every part of the country benefits from the government’s development agenda.

“Those going around playing petty politics I want to tell them that we will not launch development projects based on which region a leader comes from. We want all 45 million Kenyans to benefit, we want all corners of this country to grow,” said Kenyatta.

“We want a country where every single citizen is entitled to development regardless of where the leader comes from. Kwa hivyo hao washenzi waachane na mimi,” he added.

But a defiant Moses Kuria reiterated his stance.

“H.E the President is 100% right. He is spot on. We need development in every corner of this country. It is in that spirit and in line with the President’s position that I believe Mt Kenya region also deserves development just like any other region. Right now it’s not happening,” wrote Mr Kuria.

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