Willy Paul, Bahati Accused of Mistreating, Not Paying Video Vixens

September 27, 2018

Controversial gospel musicians Willy Paul and Bahati have been accused of not paying their video vixens.

A video vixen who has had the misfortune of working with the two artistes claims they also mistreat video vixens by failing to provide transport. Willy Paul is also accused of trying to bed some of the video actresses.

“I was a video vixen in Willy Paul’s song Tempted, which we shot on a Sunday night. He had previously lied to us he would pay us on a Wednesday, which did not happen,” said the video vixen.

“Apparently, he first wasted our time by telling us to go to Komarock, where he did not show up. We had to board a matatu back to town on our own. Recording started at 11 pm and ended at around 6 am. After the shoot, Willy Paul did not pay us, neither did he provide transport for us,” she told Word Is.

“He even tried to lure some of the girls to go home with him. He gave us Sh100 and promised to invite us for the launch of the song. That did not happen.”

The video vixen, who sought anonymity, accused Bahati of playing similar tricks as Willy Paul during the shoot of his song Kumbe Kumbe featuring Mr Seed.

“We were told to be around Syokimau at 7 am, and we did our rehearsals and they came at around 12 pm, and they at least gave us food. But the bad thing is they started to discriminate us by the way we dressed.”

“We did the shoot and at around 10 pm, they got a matatu for us, which dropped us in town, and they said we sort ourselves from there. It was now around 11 pm and they did not care how we would get home.”

Reached for comment, Willy Paul said: “Please, let this go online. This will serve as an example to everyone who wants to make a living out of my hard work.”

Bahati’s calls went unanswered.

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