Watch: Nominated MCA Screams and Shouts in Nairobi Chambers

September 26, 2018

There was drama at the Nairobi County Assembly chambers Tuesday after nominated MCA Mary Arivisa caused a scene in support of embattled Nairobi speaker Beatrice Elachi.

The lawmaker was proposed for the acting speaker position in absentia but appeared later, bringing proceedings to a standstill with a dramatic outburst.

She began shouting and screaming that she is pro-Elachi and even sat literally on the floor of the house as Assembly clerks tried to calm her down.

In a video shared online, Arivisa is seen being dragged out of the Chambers by a handful of clerks, much to the shock of her fellow MCAs who watched on as the drama unfolded.

Mary Arivisa was in the running for the Speaker seat alongside Ngara MCA Chege Mwaura, and Mary Njambi.

The ward reps elected Chege Mwaura, who is also Majority Whip. Njambi, famed for the ‘mafirifiri’ phrase, dropped out of the race to support Mr Mwaura.

Minority Chief Whip and Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok, who proposed Ms Arivisa, withdrew saying she was not at the assembly at the time.

The acting speaker took the oath of office and immediately assumed his role by adjourning the assembly until 2.30pm on Wednesday.

Chege pledged to take the assembly “where it is supposed to be”.

“I assure you that the office of the acting speaker will serve members in an open manner and adopt an open-door policy. I will also be mindful of members’ affairs and give the media full access to the business of the Assembly,” he said.

Watch the video of Arivisa’s drama below.

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