This is what has Happened to the Viral Kawere Bus and its Rogue Driver

September 7, 2018

The long arm of the law has finally caught up with the bus that last week sent shockwaves after it was filmed being driven recklessly on the wrong side of the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The bus, registration number KCL 414C, was registered under the Kawere Bus Sacco and belongs to Rengcom Company. It has been declared defective following an inspection by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and will therefore not be allowed back on the road.

The transport and safety agency said the inspection was carried out at the Kakamega motor vehicle inspection centre on 4th September 2018.

“According to the inspection report, the bus has a defective speed governor and non-functional seat belts. Consequently, the bus owner has been issued with a prohibition order as per Section 106 of the Traffic Act,” reads a statement by NTSA.

“The bus will not be allowed on the road until the defects are rectified and a compliance certificate issued.”

The authority further issued a Show Cause Letter to the company to explain why the fleet management system had been switched off as from Wednesday, August 29, contrary to the regulations of public service vehicles.

At the same time, NTSA has taken action on the driver of the bus, who was presented to the Authority by Rengcom and handed over to the police on Monday.

His driving licence has since been revoked. He was identified as Hillary Shikuoko Panyola.

“Following the summoning of Rengcom Communications Company Ltd regarding the incidence of reckless driving of their bus registration number KCL 414 C, the Authority wishes to clarify that the Company presented the driver and was handed over to the Police on Monday 3rd September, 2018,” NTSA’s statement adds.

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