Cow ‘Strangles’ Stray Lion That had Caused Panic in Meru – PHOTOS

September 10, 2018

A classic case of man bites dog played out in Igembe North, Meru County over the weekend when a cow caused the death of a lioness that had been terrorising area locals.

According to reports from Meru, the cow’s panic runs as it attempted to flee led to the death of the big cat. The cow, which had been roped to a tree, tried to flee when it saw the lion approaching.

However, the rope, which had been used to tether the cow, trapped the lioness, consequently strangling it to death as it attempted to free itself.

Area chief, Daniel Kobia, alerted Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers from the Meru National Park, who reported to the scene and collected the lion’s carcass.

The KWS officers confirmed that the lion died from strangulation.

According to residents, the lion had been causing fear for the past five weeks and had mauled several domestic animals. However, their complaints to KWS about the stray lion fell on deaf ears.

The photos and a video.

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