Kenya’s super stylish mother of five is giving everyone bikini-body goals

September 10, 2018

Class. Luxury. Grandeur. Lavishness. Those are some of the few adjectives that quickly come to mind when you think of – or see – one of Kenya’s most exhilarating Fashion icons and lifestyle legends ; Sonal Maherali.

A famous YouTuber with a well-manicured YouTube channel that boasts of an outstanding 41,000 subscribers, Sonal is a fashion powerhouse and a dreamy poster child for all things luxury and opulence.

With a face that looks like it was cut from a gem and a voice that oozes glory, this Kenyan YouTube icon of Indian descent is doing things many Kenyan YouTubers haven’t done . Or may never do.

Not just content with shooting shaky videos with a poor camera phone with bad sound, Sonal is the true Champ of YouTube.

She releases consistent videos , shot with utmost precision, edited with exemplary skill and presented in a manner so cool, so tasty you just want to stay glued as she weaves in an out of high-end designer wear and bundles of staggeringly rich jewelry.

And for a mother of four, this lady is something of a marvel ; Like Magu, the Chinese goddess, Sonal is the true definition of youthfulness and unending vitality.

And to place a powerful testament to her agelessness and physical allure, you just need to take a look at her Bikini Photos; a rare work of art encapsulated in what is truly the mark of womanhood.

Sonal has been to all the Fashion Capitals of the World, from Milan to Berlin, Rome to Paris, and has made purchases at all the biggest fashion stores across the World, walking way with bags and bags of all manner of clothing and shoes from Jimmy Choo to Giuseppe Zanotti.

This is just the beginning of the Legend of Sonal – A woman with so much zest and glamour, so much life and grandeur, she’s a glimmering gem that shines so bright and lasts for so long, her beauty cannot be spoken of – It can just be marveled at. And treasured.

Check her out on social media.
Facebook – The Official SonalMaherali
Instagram – Sonal Maherali

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