Colonialism Ended Years Ago. Let’s Focus on Development – Raila to Kenyans

September 25, 2018

NASA leader Raila Odinga has called on Kenyans to focus on economic development through entrepreneurship and shun mediocrity, which he blamed for Kenya’s slow development.

“Its mediocrity in which the country was governed in the past that created our backwardness. Kenya was at par with Korea in terms of GDP, per capita income and industrialisation. Today Korea has developed 45 times than Kenya because of entrepreneurship,” Raila said.

Speaking at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel in Kisumu during the Unaitas breakfast meeting on Monday, the former Prime Minister noted that colonialism was a thing of the past.

“We must believe in ourselves and develop our country. Colonialism ended many years ago and its time we be committed to development activities,” he said.

He added: “It is possible to do it like other nations. Kenya can do it. Africans can also do it like European countries.”

The ODM leader, who launched the 25th branch of microloans lender Unaitas in Kisumu, further urged people from the Nyanza region to embrace saving culture and investment for income generations.

He noted that Nyanza region has been undermined in terms of developments for many years by past regimes.

“It is therefore important for our people to buy shares in Unaitas. It will boost your income,” Raila added.

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