Watch: Moment Raging Girlfriend Smashes Windscreens of Lover’s Mercedes Benz

August 28, 2018

Dramatic footage has been shared online showing the moment a scorned girlfriend turned her frustrations on her lover’s costly Mercedes Benz C200.

The video which appears to have been shot from an adjacent building to where the vehicle had been parked shows the seemingly infuriated woman on the bonnet stamping on the windscreen with her foot.

A male friend is also seen helping her keep her balance as he records the incident on his mobile phone. They are soon joined by another male, said to be her brother, who appears to be trying to stop his sister from further vehicular vandalism.

But the lady is undeterred and proceeds to smash the vehicle’s rear windshield and even high-fives her friend, who is said to be her side-dish before she is carried away.

In under just 40 seconds, the woman had caused over 100K worth of damages in her silly fit of rage.

According to word on the street, the woman, identified as Cynthia Keru, went berserk over unfounded suspicions that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

The incident happened in Mombasa while Cynthia’s boyfriend was said to be in Nairobi.

Watch the video below and photos thereafter of the Benz, before and after the vandalism.

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