Moving on Swiftly? Vera Sidika Goes on Dinner/Movie Date Days After Dumping Otile Brown

August 28, 2018

No sooner had Vera Sidika ended her short-lived romance with Otile Brown than she went out on a date with a new man.

The popular video vixen stunned her social media followers when she flaunted her date with an unidentified light-skinned man. The two went for dinner at Artcaffe before going to watch ‘Equalizer 2’ at the Westgate Cinema over the weekend.

Vera, through a series of Instagram pictures, appeared to be having a blast with the shy man, with Otile Brown seemingly a distant past.

However, we understand that the man is just her friend and not a new catch as many had speculated.

The date comes about a week after Vera and Otile Brown parted ways, and some will say the date was intended to make the Coast-born R&B singer jealous.

While announcing the end of their manufactured relationship, Vera claimed that Otile dumped her five days after he released his music video for ‘Baby Love.’

“Imagine after three years of turning down video offers that were paying well because I stopped being a video vixen, I went out of my way to do it for him. Then five days after the video, he says he doesn’t love me. It’s just funny,” Vera claimed.

Otile, however, refuted the allegations stating he was not happy with some of the things Vera did while the two were still in a relationship.

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