Elani Delves Into Kenya’s Food Insecurity in New Song ‘Mahindi’

August 28, 2018

East African Powerhouse group Elani is back with another release barely three weeks after making its highly anticipated comeback.

Dubbed ‘Mahindi’, the track was written in 2014 right after the lengthy hunger and drought that struck the country. It was off the trio’s album ‘Barua Ya Dunia’ but it never quite hit the spot and that must be why Elani have decided to revive their stand against the politics of food.

On their Youtube page, Elani write: ”According to Kenya’s National Food and Nutrition Security Policy (2012), more 10 million Kenyans suffer from chronic food insecurity and poor nutrition. Between 2 and 4 million people require emergency food assistance at any given time.

“Nearly 30% of Kenya’s children are undernourished and micronutrient deficiencies are widespread. The Constitution of Kenya recognizes that each one of us has a right to adequate food. Despite our constitutional commitment, national legislation, policy and practice fail to implement and monitor solutions to food security.”

The band adds: ”We need to change the course of action from chronic hunger, industrial agriculture, and food aid, to a discussion about food rights and accountability. We cannot let our people starve to death and not raise our voices against it. Life and death. We cannot be quiet about it. And it’s time we discuss it.”

“Let this song spark a conversation and open up the minds and hearts of all Kenyans to speak out against this chronic food security problem that is crippling our nation.”

Click play below.

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