Did ‘Lamba Lolo’ Crew Ethic Turn Down Timmy Tdat Collabo? They Speak Up

August 31, 2018

The newest hitmaking group in the country, Ethic, has come out to deny reports that they turned down a collaboration offer from Timmy Tdat.

According to word on the street, the ‘Kasabun’ hitmaker wanted to work with them but couldn’t reach them because of their disorganized management.

The embattled ‘Lamba Lolo’ hitmakers now claim that Timmy hasn’t reached out to them, contrary to reports doing rounds.

“We didn’t refuse to work with Timmy,” Ethic told SDE. “He has never contacted us.”

The group, comprising of budding rappers Zilla, Seska, Rekless and Swat, is currently embroiled in serious management issues after a bitter fallout with their manager Teleh Mani.

Teleh Mani quit the group saying he regrets investing and working with the crew after they refused to pay him. He said he has been handling all their expenses from transport, recording, getting gigs and promotion through his management company Hype Group Limited since they debuted.

“A lot of industry guys told me to stay away from Ethic Entertainment and it was gonna be rough. Nothing prepared me for the f****ry today. I was wrong and I shoulda listened,” he said.

“First of all, these guys weren’t a group. They just got together for that one song. So I suggested they try out the group thing for a year and if it doesn’t work, they can figure their sh** out. They said cool.

“So basically, I hit these guys up when ‘Lamba Lolo’ had a ka small buzz. Before 100k views around June. At the time all I wanted was to pay for a new ‘polished’ video. However, I realized that one of the reasons the video even trended was because of how raw and real it was.”

He also alleged that the crew threatened him after he demanded his money.

Ethic responded saying, “We don’t feed or feed on drama but you’ll hear our side soon… for now feel free to believe whatever.”

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