CS Balala: Ministry Has All 20 Horns From Dead Rhinos

August 1, 2018

The Wildlife and Tourism Ministry has all the 20 horns from the 10 rhinos that died last month in a calamitous relocation project, CS Balala has said.

While appearing before the National Assembly Committee on Environment and Natural Resources on Tuesday, the Cabinet Secretary moved to allay fears and reports from some sections that the horns have since gone missing.

CS Balala also apologised for losing his cool when he told those calling for his job to go to hell.

“I regret I did that outburst, it was out of pain that I am being let down by my system,” said Balala.

“I’m sorry, I responded to individuals, not the Parliamentary committee or the general public.”

Balala further regretted dragging the President’s name into the matter and said he has lots of respect for Kenyans.

“I’m answerable to the people of Kenya through its leadership in Parliament,” he said.

The former Mvita MP said he understood people needed an explanation for the deaths of the rhinos during the botched transfer to Tsavo National Park on June 26.

“I’m in pain over the unfortunate loss of the rhinos,” he said.

Balala also faulted the system saying it did not act promptly to stop one of the greatest disasters in Kenyan conservation history.

“I have done my best in all the portfolios I have held. In this one, I am going to put in my heart, soul, knowledge and experience to change the sector,” he said.

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