Janet Mbugua “Partly Agrees” With Lisa Gaitho on Submitting to Spouse

July 27, 2018

Kenyan vlogger of the week Lisa Gaitho has received some backing from TV personality Janet Mbugua over her controversial views on how women should treat their significant others.

Lisa sent Kenyans into a spin recently after advising women to go as far as bathing their partners so that they can to get what they want from men – be it financial or material.

“…if it is one, two or three things that I must do to make him happy and make him feel that he needs to reciprocate, guess what… I would do that which he wants me to do, and I would do it very, very well. For example, if he wants to take his bath, go and wash him, literally; scrub him, do not let him do anything by himself. Wash him, clean his ears… clean his… [Do it] like you would to a baby. Dry him, apply body lotion on him, dress him,” Lisa said in a video uploaded to her YouTube channel.

And as the debate continues on social media circles, former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has shared her opinion on the matter.

“When I was growing up, I would see my mum do acts of service for my dad; and he would, in return, show her love and mutual respect. I won’t throw shade at Lisa Gaitho; instead, I partly agree with Lisa,” Janet Mbugua said in an Insta-story video yesterday.

“A lot of what Lisa said in her video, which is submission, pays references to the Bible. Submission is, however, highly misunderstood. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has talked about it. It is, however, skewed when it becomes an issue of doing it and you are mistreated in return,” explained Janet.

She added: “When I was about to get married, I sat with a group of aunties [to seek their advice on what I should expect, do, not do in marriage]. In the beginning, I resisted being submissive. I am, however, glad that I was open to it.

“What I came to understand is when you love someone, and they love you back, there is a lot of mutual respect. So, if you are the kind of woman who wants to cater to him, and he genuinely loves you back, then that is okay,” said Janet Mbugua.

She, however, took issue with Lisa’s assertion that a woman should be submissive in exchange for monetary and materialistic returns.

“The only part of Lisa’s video that I had a problem with, was the exchange of services, where a woman does acts of service just to get money. There has to be love in the relationship,” stated Mbugua.

Janet further termed Gaitho’s “wash your man for money” advice as “very bad”, saying she was sending a wrong message to the Kenyan youth.

She noted there are five love languages which guarantee a peaceful and fulfilling relationship. They include acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.


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