I Was Promised a Government Job By Jubilee, Cries “Betrayed” Kalembe Ndile

July 27, 2018

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile has accused the Jubilee Party of betrayal for failing to fulfill their promise to secure him a job in government.

Speaking on Thursday, Ndile hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto and threatened to walk out of the ruling party. He cited betrayal, endless wrangles, and single-handedness.

“I was promised a job in government once Jubilee captured the second term but now I have been left in the cold. To make matter worse I’m more learned than some of the cabinet secretaries who were appointed without toiling for Jubilee,” said the politician.

The former leader of Tip Tip party claimed Jubilee is now divided into three factions.

“In Jubilee, we have a faction that supports DP Ruto, the other one is behind President Uhuru and third one is loyal to Mr Odinga,” he claimed.

“I have called each of the 3,000 delegates I took to Kasarani when we attended the launch of Jubilee advising them to disassociate themselves with the ruling party,” he added.

The vocal politician claimed that the Jubilee Party’s national steering committee that was co-chaired by Kiraitu Murungi and Noah Wekesa, of which he is a member, was sidelined immediately after the August 8 elections.

“The key decisions of the party are now made by two people; Party Secretary Raphael Tuju and Deputy Chairman David Murathe. The rest of us have been kicked out and we have no say,” Mr Ndile is quoted by Nation.

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