Camp Mulla’s Anticipated Reunion Won’t Be Happening After All

July 17, 2018

The Kenyan BET nominated Urban & Alternative hip hop group Camp Mulla is well and truly over if Karun’s latest comments are anything to go by.

Karun, the only female artiste of the group, all but confirmed on social that their highly anticipated comeback won’t be happening.

During an Instagram session on the App’s new questions feature, Karun was asked by fans if Camp Mulla’s comeback was still on track as they had indicated late last year.

Karun explained that it had been quite the challenge trying to work together again after each of the four members went on different directions with their music.

“Putting four heads together isn’t always smooth sailing. Especially when you’ve all grown so much. Just listen to our recent music, and you’ll see how each of us has grown so much in our own direction,” said Karun.

She further apologised to Camp Mulla’s fans saying: “We’re really sorry that the fans had to go through that “we’re back. No JK we’re not” situation.”

“We really tried to work this past couple of months, and unfortunately it turned out to not be the best fit for all of us.”

The group rose to prominence with the release of their debut single “Party Don’t Stop” in 2011. They went on to earn a nomination for Best International Act (Africa) at the 2012 BET Awards, becoming the first Kenyans to be nominated for the prestigious award.

In September last year, the group comprising of  Karun, Kus Ma, Shappaman, and Thee MC Africa(Taio Tripper), treated revelers to a surprise performance at The Tekno Wave concert.

The return to the stage as a group was followed up with a revival of their social media pages since their last post in 2013.

They announced: “This is for the fans! It’s time for Kenya to lead African music into the next age. We are ready to serve you more hits, back older and wiser. This Party Don Stop.”

They were said to be working on a comeback project; their second studio album after ‘Funky Town.’

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