I Miss Having Zari as My Friend, Huddah Opens Up on Fall Out

June 29, 2018

Nairobi “socialite” Huddah Monroe has expressed regret over her fall out with Uganda’s Zari Hassan.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Huddah explained that they were quite close and would talk about deeply personal issues. She further admitted that she misses Zari sometimes and that she doesn’t have any issues with her.

“Me and Zari we were very close.  We were very good friends, we used to talk about issues personal sana. Saa zingine I still miss her as my friend, because alikuwa ananiambia sana vitu zake personal, na ningetaka hata kuexpose vitu zake social media, ningeexpose. Lakini I have never because she was a very good friend,” said Huddah.

Huddah further dismissed rumors that she went behind Zari’s back and slept with Diamond saying she met Diamond even before he met Zari.

I feel like she is still a good friend, because mimi sina issue na yeye and I feel even her deep down hana issue na mimi. Lakini we just fell apart, people were talking too much ati ooh Huddah has this thing with Diamond, which was a lie. Mimi and Diamond met even before he met with Zari so that was just some crazy shit,” she added.

The two former besties were involved in an ugly fallout with Huddah hinting at having a thing with Diamond.

“When you think your man is yours kumbe he is ours. And I ate and dined with both of you. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave. The little boy is public property, you order him like pizza. Don’t hate the player or the game, hate yourself, Madam!” Huddah posted at the time.

Zari hit back saying, “Watu na bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the goods in private. You know what that means right and I bet you know where that leaves you.”

Huddah on Thursday also posted her TBT moments with Zari as her followers welcomed the possibility of the two kissing and making up.

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