Catholic Church Suspends Viral Priest Who Raps Sermons

June 25, 2018

A Catholic priest who tried to revolutionize spreading the word through rap music has been stopped in his tracks.

Fr Paul Ogallo, 45, based in Rapogi Parish, became an online sensation weeks ago after a video of one of his rap sermons went viral. In the video, Ogallo was seen clad in black shorts and a red bandana and preaching the gospel through rap.

According to the Catholic Herald, Ogallo defended his unconventional style of preaching saying it was aimed at attracting and reaching more young people.

“We need to change the way we do things,” he said.

However, the church was closely monitoring Ogallo and was not pleased with his style, leading to his suspension last week.

Bishop Phillip Anyolo, head of Homa Bay Catholic Diocese, confirmed the suspension but said the priest will remain a church minister even though he will not conduct roles such as administering the Holy Communion.

“He is suspended from doing liturgical duties in public but he remains a Catholic priest.”

The Catholic Herald on Sunday reported Fr Ogallo’s suspension. The International publication quoted Fr Charles Kochiel, judicial vicar of the Interdiocesan tribunal of Kisumu as saying that Father Ogallo is suspended for a year in order to ‘reconsider his ways’.

“There are ways of doing things. There are certain things the Church promotes in the society. If we mix what the secular and church institutions do, then definitely people are going to read different messages,” said Fr Kochiel.

He added, “People could be looking at it from the social point of view, like bringing people on board, gathering and entertaining people. But people could also be looking at this from the spiritual point of view: Does it promote spiritual values or is it sending a wrong message?”

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