The self-proclaimed President of single mothers, musician Akothee, has done it again.

Barely three weeks after she received a public backlash over her supposed ‘indecent’ dressing, the controversial singer has proved just how much of a thick skin she has by stepping out in another skimpy outfit.

The mother of five had vowed to wear a skimpy outfit to her next performance following the public outcry over her dressing at the Wembley stadium in London on June 2. Over the weekend, she fulfilled her promise and rocked a show in Milan, Italy, while dressed in a skimpy bodysuit.

Unlike her previous bodysuit in London, the one she wore in Milan was less ratchety but still revealing.

Akothee even joked about it on social media and captioned a picture: “I feel my ovaries paining, did the Zoomers overzoomed today, asking for screenshoters if screenshots were bullets AKOTHEE would be 6 feet andaaaaaaaaaaa[sic].”

The pics.