PHOTO – Look at What Nairobi Potholes Have Done to Ben Kangangi’s Expensive Porsche

May 22, 2018

When controversial city businessman Ben Kangangi decided to import top of the range cars into the country, he surely must have known what he was getting into with regards to the state of Kenyan roads.

The car dealer was, however, left gutted over the weekend after one of his pricey toys suffered a devasting puncture, courtesy of Nairobi’s potholes.

The wealthy businessman, who recently made headlines over a Sh19 Million debt case involving Anerlisa Muigai, was in Westlands over the weekend when his Porsche hit a pothole along Waiyaki Way.

The sports car, which boasts a low center of gravity, almost rolled, according to Ben Kangangi.

“I almost rolled my car after hitting a massive pothole along waiyaki way in Westlands over the weekend,” said Kangangi.

He further called on Kenyans and Nairobians to demand better from their leaders and lamented the sorry state of the Capital city.

“After queuing for a gruesome three and a half hours in August to vote for MCA, MP, governor and president in the last year general election, I am a bitter and severely frustrated Kenyan.

“Promises were made for better roads and up to par health facilities and even additional stadiums, lol. Instead, Nairobi residents have been left at their own mercies with dilapidated roads, dry taps, unemployment, street families amongst many endless ills,” added Kangangi.

“Fellow Kenyans, we surely deserve better.. Much better than we’ve been made to accept.”

The businessman also appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Governor Mike Sonko and Senator Sakaja to do better.

“I appeal to H. E Governor Mike Sonko, Sakaja¬†and H. E President Uhuru to pull up their socks!! For heaven’s sake please do better.

“All of you. Whether you voted for Jubilee or not demand better. [I’m] Gutted!”

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