‘Don’t Be Fooled,’ Kobi Kihara Reveals the “Secret” to Her Smooth Skin

May 25, 2018

NTV talk show host Kobi Kihara is considered one of the more beautiful media personalities in the country. On social media and on Instagram, in particular, Ms Kihara commands a huge following for her stunning pictures.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Better Living host keeps getting bombarded with questions about what she uses on her ‘flawless’ skin.

Kobi finally let the cat out of the dog this week, admitting that her social media “look” is a far cry from how she looks in real life.

While being brutally and refreshingly honest, Kobi disclosed that the secret to her smooth skin is an app. She

“So many questions on what I use on my skin. Guys, I use a smooth edit app to clean my photos and it’s the truth. It’s called Face Edit and you can get it for free on Play Store for Android and also on Apple, don’t be fooled beautiful,” wrote Kobi on Insta.

She added, “I don’t have wrinkles but I have bumps and marks I don’t feel confident or comfortable about so I use the options allowed to me, don’t judge me.”

This is the second time the media personality is cautioning her followers on social media. Last year, she warned them against social media pressure which creates the impression of a perfect life.

“Listen, my page is curated, I’m a photographer and creative so it’s easy to pull off, I see it as my online gallery, so don’t be fooled my friend,” she posted at the time.

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