New Music Video – Waona Nani, by Zoe

April 18, 2018

Popularly known for her hit single ‘Salama’ featuring Rebecca Soki, Gospel singer Zoe is back. She narrates a personal real life story in this latest video, Waona Nani.

Zoe is naturally a lady of strong- willed personality , firm decisions and one who loves her own journey without comparison to another’s. This is founded on her faith that God has a customized map for every person. It is her very source of confidence in life.

This has been constant until around 2008-2009 when it changed temporarily. During this first half of her high school life she thought things were quite changing. Some of them were very normal but at an age of self discovery and adventure, it was easily exaggerated. For instance, from being a headgirl in her school and a mathematics genius who could even lead in the district, to meeting some equally able ladies. Following background, she also had started developing self esteem issues related to and based on gender. She hated being a girl and of course being around very able girls who loved being girls.

That was the onset of Zoe with low self esteem. It comes with feelings of worthlessness, no confidence, depression, lack of interest in almost everything and most often suicidal thoughts. At the time she wrote waona nani, she was going through it. Every little word of scorn was suddenly so amplified and every compliment seemed sarcastic. It got worse every time she remembered her old self and wondered what ever happened to her. Being a psychologist by profession now, she explains that this condition doesn’t have to have a course but it could be triggered by circumstances and events.

It is through spiritual nourishment that she broke off.

Waona nani is a prayer that got answered through another song, ‘hakika’, though it was released first. ‘ God soaked me in Himself until all that could define me is His word’, she says. From 2010 onwards, though the healing was still progressive, a major part of her was whole.

Watch below.

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