“I Was Giving Back to the Community,” Octo on Why He Dissed Khaligraph Jones [VIDEO]

April 26, 2018

Octopizzo just dropped an album and along with it was the music video for the track “Noma Ni”, in which he aims a dig at his rap “rival” Khaligraph Jones.

In the song, Octo flexes his witty and impecabble lyricism, saying, “Niliwapeleka kaburini So, wanajua ni MAZISHI Na kwa hiyo matanga yenu bana huskii bado tutadishii.”

This is, ofcourse, in reference to Khaligraph Jones’ hard-hitting single “Mazishi” that took the Kenyan rap scene by storm about two years ago.

Octo was seen by many to be reviving the beef between himself and the self-styled O.G. Octo, however, says that he was just returning a favour that was long overdue.

During an interview with Homeboyz Radio’s G Money, Octo noted that Khaligraph used one of his lines in the track “Biashara” with Stella Mwangi.

“When he(Khaligraph Jones) did the track “Biashara”, he had a line saying “Naskia Siku Hizi Kukula (mahindi) ni swag” from my song “Swag”..so I was just giving him back…I was giving back to the community..” said Octo.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth below:

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