Omarion Tried the “Odi Dance”…Here’s How That Went Down [VIDEO]

March 22, 2018

C’mon guys, it’s time to stop with this stupid dance(no offence to Timeless Noel and co). It has gone on for so long and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that we are tired.

But my shade aside, the “Odi Dance” madness has caught up with American R&B superstar Omarion. As punishment for being in the country, the “Post To Be” singer was forced to pull off what has become Kenya’s official dance.

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Luckily for Omarion, he is a remarkable dancer and added his own twist to make it look less like the stupid “Odi” dance. I just can’t stop hating!

Omarion was hanging out at the NRG radio studios where radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel provided the “Odi” dance instructions.

Though they were dancing to Omarion’s mega-hit “Post To Be”, Timeless Noel found a golden opportunity to flip it accordingly.

Watch below.

Here’s the original:

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