Why KOT Now More Than Ever Want to Steal Pencils From “Petty” Muthaiga Country Club

March 22, 2018

A protective measure by Muthaiga Country Club to prevent people from stealing their pencils is proving to be counterproductive.

This after a Twitter user shared a photo of the Club’s conference room pencils that are labeled; “Stolen from Muthaiga Country Club.”

Describing the club which is frequented by the upper echelons of Kenyan society as “petty”, the Tweep @shirogaitho, sarcastically asked if the club prefers to sharpen the pencils after every conference.

This sparked the same reaction from fellow Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) who all claimed that now more than ever they were inspired to want to steal those green pencils.

Here’s the tweet and the hilarious reactions:

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