The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday March 20)

March 20, 2018

It’s a new day and these are the stories making headlines.

As Trump lashes out at Mueller, Congress at standstill on shielding special counsel

Republican leaders have said they see no reason to intervene given what they considered good cooperation between the White House and the Mueller team. But that was before this weekend. Tensions escalated after Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd, issued a prayer Saturday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would “bring an end” to Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russians in Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump sure looks like he is planning to fire Robert Mueller

Consider the last 48 hours alone: Attorney General Jeff Sessions fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe late Friday night, less than two days before McCabe was set to retire from the bureau — where he had worked for 20+ years — with full pension. Trump celebrates the firing via tweet even later Friday night.

This entire Chinese village is a shrine to Xi Jinping

The Chinese village of Liangjiahe, where Xi spent his formative years living in cave homes and working as a young Communist Party cadre, has since been transformed into a theme park of sorts, dedicated to enhancing a myth that paints Xi as a champion of the masses.

Putin wins 6 more years in power, exit poll shows

Putin was widely expected to win his fourth term as President, with no meaningful opposition in the running and his fiercest opponent, Alexei Navalny, barred from the race. Putin, a former KGB spy, has dominated Russian politics for 18 years and the 65-year-old was already the country’s longest-serving leader since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica co-founder

“Suspended by Facebook. For blowing the whistle. On something they have known privately for two years,” Wylie tweeted on Sunday. It is the latest twist in a complicated story that has played out over the last few days via statements from Facebook , an investigative report by The New York Times and London’s The Observer, and revelations from the people involved.

Trump’s opioid plan to take three-pronged approach, including death penalty for high-volume drug dealers

President Donald Trump will roll out new plans to tackle the country’s opioid epidemic on Monday in New Hampshire, the White House said Sunday. The plan will include stiffer penalties for high-intensity drug traffickers, including the death penalty for some dealers, Andrew Bremberg, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, told reporters Sunday.

Putin calls claims Russia poisoned ex-spy ‘nonsense,’ ‘delirium’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday sloughed off the notion that Russia was behind the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, saying “any sensible person would understand that this is delirium and nonsense, it is unthinkable that we would do such a thing.”

Exclusive: Wife Of Top Trump Aide Dan Scavino Files For Divorce

Jennifer Scavino, the wife of Dan Scavino, an aide to President Donald Trump who serves as White House social media director, filed for divorce in late January 2018, county records reveal.

Retired 4-Star Army General Calls Trump A ‘Threat To National Security’

Retired four-star Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey has slammed Donald Trump as a “serious threat to U.S. national security” for his failure to protect the nation from “active Russian attacks.” McCaffrey accused the president in a tweet Friday of being “under the sway” of Russian president Vladimir Putin” for some “unknown reason.”

Comey’s Book Soars On Best Sellers List As Trump Attacks Him On Twitter

Former FBI Director James Comey’s forthcoming book jumped to a top spot on Amazon’s best sellers list following President Donald Trump ‘s flurry of Twitter attacks against him. A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership , slated for release on April 17, surged from #15 on the list as of Saturday morning to #2 on Sunday.

World’s Dumbest Shoplifters Literally Run Into The Police At Costco

A pair of alleged thieves in Seattle bolted through a Costco fire exit last week to what they had thought was a waiting getaway car. The car was there, but so was the police, as the video above shows. ” Hey buddy!”

Putin basks in election he could not lose

It was the victory rally he never doubted he’d join. Two hours after the last polling stations in western Russia closed, Vladimir Putin strode on stage beneath the Kremlin walls to declare his re-election. With a broad smile, he thanked the country for what he called “a vote of confidence” and promised to work for the future of a great nation.

Stem cell transplant ‘game changer’ for MS patients

Doctors say a stem cell transplant could be a “game changer” for many patients with multiple sclerosis. Results from an international trial show that it was able to stop the disease and improve symptoms. It involves wiping out a patient’s immune system using cancer drugs and then rebooting it with a stem cell transplant.

Google’s most popular Putin search queries answered

Vladimir Putin will remain as Russian president until 2024 after winning Sunday’s election. And while much is known about the Russian leader, there’s still plenty more that people would like to know. As an experiment, we started typing a few questions about Mr Putin into Google to see what searches it would automatically suggest.

Spielberg: Time’s Up is a “watershed moment”

Steven Spielberg said the Time’s Up movement is “more important than any of us can ever really realise”. He was speaking at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards which were held in London on Sunday. The Oscar-winning director, 71, was handed the Legend Of Our Lifetime Award.

Facebook set to be grilled by lawmakers over Trump-linked data firm

Cambridge Analytica is the name on everyone’s lips right now, and British and U.S. lawmakers want to know about Facebook’s dealings with it. The U.K. based political data firm has been suspended by Facebook, following revelations it used the personal data of 50 million users without their knowledge.

‘The Simpsons’ paid tribute to the late Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has been honored by The Simpsons. The astrophysicist had a number of cameos on the show in its now 29-season run, perhaps most notably in 1999 when he appeared at the end of the episode “They Saved Lisa’s Brain.”

IBM has created a computer smaller than a grain of salt

If there’s one downside to powerful computers, it’s that they’re too damn big. Luckily, that’s about to change. At least, if IBM has anything to say about it. March 19 is the first day of IBM Think 2018, the company’s flagship conference, where the company will unveil what it claims is the world’s smallest computer.

Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica controversy

Facebook is once again in hot water over the role its policies may have played in the election. On Saturday, two explosive reports from The Guardian and The New York Times surfaced alleging that more than 50 million Facebook users had personal data used without their knowledge by Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based data firm employed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Watch Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on art like it’s nothing

When you’re the six year-old daughter of two moguls, sometimes your weekly allowance gives you the opportunity to bid a couple bucks on artwork from time to time. Or $19,000, to be exact.

Black Panther’s Dora Milaje are getting their own comics spinoff

The Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s own elite force of female protectors, are getting their own comic book spinoff. A new collection of one-shot comics under the name Wakanda Forever was announced Friday by Marvel editor Wil Moss.

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