Zari: “I Stopped Talking to Diamond Three Weeks Before Dumping Him”

February 27, 2018

Ugandan socialite and Diamond’s immediate ex-partner Zari Hassan has opened up about the real cause of their break up.

According to the mother of five, Diamond and Wema Sepetu’s gesture to hug and get cozy at WCB party in January was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In a tell-all interview with BBC Swahili, Zari disclosed that she stopped communicating with Diamond three weeks before she announced to the world her break-up on Valentine’s Day.

This, she said, was after she had confronted Diamond over the viral videos with Wema Sepetu.

The South Africa-based businesswoman further maintained that the break up is real and not a publicity stunt. Some sections believe the split is meant to generate more publicity for Diamond ahead of his much-anticipated album called “A Boy from Tandale”.

“It is true Diamond and I have broken up. In other words, it (relationship) is done! I blocked him since videos showing him cozying up to his ex-girlfriend (Wema Sepetu), went viral online. By the time I went on Instagram to break news about our split, we had not communicated for three weeks. I have decided to step on the side and let him do whatever he wishes to do,” said Zari.

“We were trying to move on from the Baby Mama scandal (with model Hamisa Mobetto) but things like him getting cozy with ex-girlfriends in public, things that degrade me and make me be disrespected by my children was the end.”

“Honestly speaking when the videos with his ex-girlfriend came up, I tried asking him about it immediately the videos came up but he started giving too many explanations and that was when I decided to take time off and we stopped communicating for three weeks before I made my decision on Valentine’s Day,” Zari explained.

Asked if she would forgive Diamond, Zari said the singer is yet to ask for forgiveness and that it would be difficult even if he did.

“The only time he apologized for a wrong-doing was when he confessed to siring a child with that other woman (Mobetto) – that was in September 2017. I forgave him. Following the recent happenings, even if he apologizes, I don’t think I would forgive,” said Zari.

Zari added that the break up has not affected her because “she was strong before meeting Diamond, and will remain strong even after breaking up with the singer”.

“I do a lot of things (business). First, you should know that even before meeting Diamond, I was making paid appearances at top entertainment spots; I was ‘Zari The Bosslady’ even before Diamond came into the picture. I will continue making appearances; I will emcee at shows… I will continue doing the same things.”

She added that Tiffa and Nillan are still Diamond’s children and she doesn’t plan to keep them away from their father.

“If he wants to support his children he can do that but if he doesn’t want to its still okay. I can manage on my own,” Zari said.

She said that she will be out of the dating scene for a while after a tumultuous three-year relationship with the philandering Diamond.

Watch the interview below.

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