““We Have Never had Beef,” Wema Sepetu on Relationship with Diamond Platnumz

February 5, 2018

Days after Diamond Platnumz came out to blast rumor mongers for claiming that he was rekindling his old flame Wema Sepetu, the Tanzanian model has also spoken up.

The two had people talking after a video emerged online as the former lovers reunited at a party organised by Diamond’s record label WCB last weekend.

The clip shows Diamond Platnumz hugging the model on stage before engaging in small talk, with online users speculating that Diamond whispered sweet-nothings in the actress’ ears.

The clip has been the subject of malicious rumors on social media and the blogosphere, something that irked Diamond.

“Many people like it when people fight; they enjoy engaging in fights which are baseless. You’d hear someone say: ‘Diamond, I am your biggest fan, and I really appreciate the work you do. I was, however, appalled when you invited Wema to your function’,” said Diamond.

He added: “You’d want me to continue differing with Wema, but the big question is: what will we be fighting over? When Wema and I are warring, how does it benefit you? How will it contribute positively to Tanzania’s art industry? You cannot purport to be my fan yet you rejoice when I am at war with other people, a war, which ended ages ago.”

While echoing Diamond’s sentiments, Wema Sepetu said they have never had beef and that they have both moved on.

“Diamond called me and invited me to the event and I accepted the invitation.”

When asked why she decided to attend the event knowing it would raise eyebrows, she said, “I do things that please my heart and not to impress people.  My happiness is what comes first because it is my life.”

“We have never had beef, when our relationship ended, people created stories that we hated each other but we have always been on good terms.  We have moved on and we are happy. I respect his life and he does the same, which is a good thing. We have matured, people will always talk, but we are just friends.”

Supporting him is not a bad thing, I am so proud of him. He is living his dream, I saw him hustling and his dream was to be where he is now.”

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