Ezekiel Mutua WARNS “Sleeping With Samantha Amounts to Having Sex With a Corpse”

February 27, 2018

Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua is at it again, this time against the sex doll Samatha.

For the better part of January, the sex doll has been a major topic of discussion among ever-excitable Kenyans. So popular has Samantha been that Kenya’s moral policeman has spoken up.

Predictably, the KFCB boss is totally against the use of the sex doll and has likened it to a corpse. Speaking during the Scouts Founder Baden Powell’s Day in Nyeri County on Sunday, February 25, the KFCB boss said sleeping with Samantha amounts to necrophilia.

In doing so, Mr Mutua stated that KFCB will not allow any form of advertisement of the doll.

“Anybody who dares to advertise those things will have KFCB to reckon with. Our mandate is on what Kenyans consume and advertising such things is immoral and wrong,” he said.

He noted that even though KFCB does not have mandate over importation of sex toys, it would not allow anybody to advertise the product.

“You cannot promote sex with a robot as a way of life. We must protect our children from such things. In my view there is no difference between having sex with Samantha and having sex with a corpse,” he said.

On Monday, he reiterated his sentiments on social media, saying the use of Samantha amounts to having sex with a corpse and therefore it is a crime.

“This Samantha thing is immoral and illegal. It’s having sex against the order of nature. It amounts to necrophilia (having sex with a corpse) and it’s a crime!” he posted.

Mutua further said that the board would partner with other government agencies to stop the importation of the sex dolls.

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